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The Microgaming Collection - Why they ARE the Game!

The Online Casino Games created by Microgaming could never be matched by other software providers, even if they tried... These games can be found here at website. Microgaming has been leading the way while other just follow for more than 15 years already and to this day no one has been able to recreate what they have to offer. Microgaming proudly bears their slogan "Together We are the Game" and this is no word of a lie. From their modest beginning with just a couple of brilliant high quality Online Casino Games they now have a game selection that features over 500 high tech games of unsurpassed quality. They don't seem to slow down though and new games are constantly being added to their impressive game collection. Just as you think "this is it" and "it cannot get any better", they blow our minds and rock the online gaming world with yet another groundbreaking Online Casino Game which you can find at Bwin casino.

Red Flush Online Casino is one of Microgaming's best Online Casinos and players can find their entire game selection of more than 500 at Red Flush, you can play online roulette or online craps. Their games are incredibly realistic with crisp and crystal clear graphics and audio that further compliments the games. Microgaming offers several variations of games such as Blackjack, Roulette and Poker, with variations of the games available exclusively at Microgaming Casinos. Their Online Slots Collection is the best there is and they have set many benchmarks that has forever changed the way in which casino games are created. The release of The Lord of the Rings was a defining moment in Online Casino history where they managed to turn an epic film into a hugely successful Video Slots Game like the video slot Lord of the Rings.

Microgaming took on 2011 and made it a year that will never be forgotten by releasing another first, which is the Sterling Silver 3D Slots Video Slots Game. Then they did it again a short while ago with the release of Riviera Riches, which is a Video Slots Game with a Roulette theme and they need to be applauded for managing to fuse the two games successfully! Now you know why they can proudly say "Together We Are the Game".

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